Polyhedral Dice - Set of 126 Multi-Colored Dice for Role Playing Games (RPG), DND, MTG, and Other Dice Games


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

This set of 126 solid and translucent polyhedral dice comes in 18 colors. Ideal for RPG such as DND, MTG or any starter or pro dice games.

  • Everything You Need To Roll The Dice: With a polyhedral dice set of 126 in 18 different colors, you can customize your favorite set for Dungeons and Dragons and master any dice game
  • Comes in 7 Varieties: This dice set is made from durable acrylic and includes 4-sided die: 0.79 x 0.79" (2 x 2cm); 6-sided die: 0.63 x 0.63" (1.6 x 1.6cm); 8-sided die: 0.95 x 0.71" (2.4 x 1.8cm); 10-sided die (0-9): 0.87 x 0.83" (2.2 x 2.1cm); 10-sided percentile die (00-90): 0.83 x 0.71" (2.1 x 1.8cm); 12-sided die: 0.91 x 0.79" (2.3 x 2cm); 20-sided die: 0.87 x 0.83" (2.2 x 2.1cm)
  • Easily Take Your Game Anywhere: With a velvet dice bag that's easy to open and fits almost anywhere, its compact size is dice-perfect
  • Factory First Dice: This polyhedral dice and pouch are brand new, free of chips, holes, and cracks, and everything you could want in DND, D&D, MTG, and RPG dice
  • Ideal for Games and Learning: Use this set as gaming dice or for math lessons at home or in school; Can be enjoyed by young and old and makes a perfect gift for dice games enthusiasts

Item YM-DC002-A
UPC 810989022906