Single Convex Melamine Go Game Stones Set and Wild Jujube Bowls - 21.5-22mm (Size 3)


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

This is a beautiful yet economical choice for a set of Go stones and bowls. The stones are perfectly shaped single convex melamine and are complemented by deep stained wild jujube bowls with rich elegant grain.

Melamine is an exceptionally durable compound commonly used when strength is essential, such as kitchen counters and industrial applications. These are excellent stones to use in an environment where the stones will be put to constant, hard use. Like Yunzi stones, they have a satisfying heft and snap to them.

  • ** This is a genuine Yellow Mountain Imports Go product. No other sellers have been authorized to sell this item. Other sellers try to pass off inferior or counterfeit products. Please make sure that you are purchasing from Yellow Mountain Imports to ensured quality.
  • 181 black and 180 white Melamine stones. 21.5-22mm (Size 3) single convex stones measure 5.6mm tall and 22mm wide (approximately 0.22" x 0.87").
  • Two wild jujube bowls (gosu) that measure 5.9" x 3.9" (150mm x 100mm).
  • Two microfiber cloths to protect your stones and bowls
  • Two go bowl straps for keeping your stones secure in the bowls

Item US-SB001-D
UPC 810126015174