Yunzi Double Convex Stones - 9.2mm (Size 33)


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

Yunzi stones have been made for almost a thousand years in the same area of Yunnan Province in southern China. The secret recipe for making them is closely guarded, and nobody outside of Yunnan knows with complete certainty what they're made of. Although rumor has it that the ingredients include Yunnan mountain stone mixed with agate. To make sure that stones are genuine, hold them up to the light to see a greenish halo form around the edge. This is a unique characteristic of Yunzi stones. They have a balance and a deeply rich color that are instantly noticeable. They leave an audible ''snap'' as you place them on the board. The texture, symmetry, and precision of these stones are superior.

  • 180 white and 181 black genuine Yunzi stones
  • Stones are size 33 and measure 9.2mm tall and 21.5mm wide (about 3/8" x 3/4")
  • These stones will fit Japanese, Chinese and Korean standard size boards

Item YN-SY011-A

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David S.
United States


The shipping time was just as stated. Very nice. The stones are beautiful. Theyve got really good weight and size. They came with a frw extra as stated and I have only found 2 stones that have defects. 1 white and 1 black and they are really small too. Overall I have no complaints and am very happy with the product and service.

Anwar A.
United States

Great stuff

excellent product, high quality material

Daniel Campbell
United States

Don't email me asking for a review.

The product is excellent. Came on time and well package. After cleaning, the stones are beautiful, with no defects or broken stones. However, the ******** bothered me for a review at least twice, so two stars.

Jayson Duarte
United States


If i were to use one word to describe these stones, it's quality. These stones are satisfyingly heavy and thick and smooth, yet are the perfect size to be played on the Bamboo 0.8" Go Table Board Goban which I also bought from Yellow Mountain Imports. As is customary with Yunzi stones, they arrived with some powdery dust on them. After being rinsed in a plastic bag, then mixed around with a couple drops of corner store mineral oil, the stones were smooth and beautiful. One white stone came chipped, but it wasnt a problem as there were about 8-10 extra stones of each color. I love these stones, they are satisfying to play with and beautiful.