Shin Kaya 2" Go Game Table Board (Goban)


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

In color, weight, and overall appearance it, Shin Kaya is remarkably similar in appearance to genuine Kaya. This board will impress without carrying the full cost of a Kaya. This board is made with several pieces of wood joined together, preventing warping and ensuring that the visible surfaces show the best face of the wood. Pieces are expertly selected and joined together to appear almost seamless. The lines are individually hand drawn.

Most shin-kaya (Japanese for "alternative kaya") boards from Japan or Korea are made of spruce wood from Alaska or Siberia. Our shin-kaya Go boards are made of Tibet spruce wood from Yunnan Province in southern China. This type of wood is called picea asperata in Latin and is sometimes called "dragon spruce" or "Tibet Spruce".

  • One 2" (50mm) thick shin kaya table board (goban). This board is made of 2-4 solid pieces of wood joined together to prevent warping over time. Please note, because of the nature of wood, the grain will be similar but not identical to the pictures.
  • Board is Japanese standard size (21.5mm x 23mm grids) and measures 18.1" x 16.9" x 2" (460mm x 430mm x 50mm). Playing field is 19x19.
  • Booklet on how to play go, "The Way to Go", by Karl Baker.
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Item YN-TS001-A
UPC 894887001188