American Mahjong Set of 166 Tiles - "Papillon"


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

Create your own unique mahjong set by adding new tiles to your existing set, or build something from scratch by mix matching them with cases and accessories. A set of 166 standard American-sized mahjong tiles with commissioned butterfly art adorning at the back. Tiles are engraved with Chinese characters, Roman(Western) letters, and Arabic (Western) numerals. Please note the size of the tiles to ensure the right fit for your set.

  • American Mahjong Tiles, "Papillon": Decorative and enchanting watercolor style art on tile. Tradition and quality backed by classic craftsmanship and creative design.
  • Easy-to-Read Tiles: Each tile measures 1.2 x 0.9 x 0.5 inches (30 cm x 23 cm x 13 cm), made from dense, scratch resistant acrylic giving them good weight and durability. Tiles are beautifully engraved with markings include both Chinese characters, Roman(Western) letters, and Arabic (Western) numerals.
  • 166 Tile Set: The back of each tile depicts the beauty of a butterfly! 166 tiles consist of 36 circles, 36 bamboos, 36 characters, 12 dragons, 16 winds, 16 flowers, 10 jokers, and 4 blank spares.
  • Tiles Only: This is a set of tiles only; no racks, wind indicators, or any other accessories are included.

Item TC-AT005-A
UPC 810989024917