Word Architect Kit, Deluxe Kit of Wooden Multi-Color Word Game Racks and Tiles


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

This is one of the finest Scrabble racks and tiles available on the market today. Rack colors consist of red, yellow, green, and blue. This kit includes 1 wooden Scrabble rack per color, 4 racks in total. This is a kit of fine wooden racks and tiles for Scrabble. It is the perfect kit to upgrade your existing Scrabble set or to replace the racks and tiles that have been lost or damaged. Dimensions for scrabble rack: 7.1 x 0.99 x 0.67 inches (181 x 25 x 17 millimeters). Please Note: A word game board is not included with this kit.

  • 4 Multi-Colored Racks: A set of 4 multi-color wooden Scrabble racks are included with the kit; rack colors consist of red, yellow, green, and blue; the kit includes 1 scrabble rack per color, 4 racks total.
  • Durable Scrabble Tiles: Each tile is made of New Zealand pine wood. New Zealand Pine yields a strong, economical and versatile light colored timber.
  • 200 Wooden Scrabble: Score as many points as possible by placing your letter tiles to create words on the game board. Each Scrabble tile measures 18 x 25 x 17 millimeters (0.71 x 0.79 inches).
  • Perfect Addition To Your Scrabble Collection: Add this set of 4 multi-color racks together with your old scrabble collections or replace an old one.

Item YM-SE001-A
UPC 810989024719