How to Play Crashword


Object of the Game

Get the most points by creating the longest words possible,


Unless obstacles appear to obstruct the game!

Getting Started

 Hour Glass (30 Seconds)
Joker Dice 
Letter Dice
Tally Count


  • Each letter in a word is worth 1 point. The first to reach 100 points wins.
  • Each player’s turn has 30 seconds. Flip the hourglass before creating a word.
  • Each player chooses a color, yellow, blue, red, black, green or pink, and places their two colored pegs at the bottom of the tally counter.
  • Throw one joker die to see which color starts the game.
    • Example: If the color red is rolled then the player who chose that color begins the game.


Playing the Game

  1. Throw the four joker dice.
  • If the player’s own color is rolled, they may keep those dice as Jokers. Jokers can represent any letter to help build a word. If the player’s color is not rolled then the turn passes to the player on the right.
  • If a player rolls four identical colors, the player who represents that color takes over the turn. All the dice become Jokers for them to use.
  • Next, the player whose turn it is rolls the 12 lettered dice.
    • The player flips the hourglass and has 30 seconds to create the longest word possible
    • Unless.....


If a star is rolled. Nobody can touch the dice. All the players simultaneously try to create the longest word possible using the lettered dice and jokers and announce the number of letters before the time is up. The player who proposed the highest number of letters has to form the word.
If a hand is rolled. The player who threw the dice mimes a word created by the lettered dice and jokers. The other players try to guess the word. The first one who guesses correctly wins points for the vowels and the player who threw the dice wins points for the consonants.
If the skull and cross bones are rolled. Whoever shouts “CRASH” first steals the turn and gets to throw the lettered dice. 


Counting Points

  • Each letter counts as one point, including Jokers.
  • Players keep track of points on the their own Tally Counter.
  • Their two colored pegs start at the bottom.
  • The left column represents 10 to 100 points.“ The right represents 1 to 9 points.
  • Each time 9 points are passed on the right, the peg in the left column is moved up one. “ The first to reach 100 points wins.



A player receives a 3 point penalty if:

  • The word doesn’t exist.
  • Time runs out.
  • “CRASH” is wrongly shouted.
  • An attempt at miming failed.


Get an extra turn!

A player gets an extra turn to roll lettered dice if... they can create the word:




How to win outright!

A player wins outright if... they can create the word:




Have fun and good luck!

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