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Bruce Wilcox's Go Dojo - Contact Fights(DVD)


Brand: Bruce Wilcox

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When enemy stones come into contact, there are several different kinds of behavior (areas of Go knowledge) that can come into play. One is "Life and Death: where you try to kill or live. Two is string capture and connectivity (areas where "Tesuji" come into play). The third is "Contact Fights", where players struggle to build walls, influence, and avoid having their contacting stones fall into one of the other two areas of behavior. Proverbs like "Play hane at the head of two stones" or "When crosscut play extend" come from contact fights. The Contact Fights chapter is broken into 4 levels of study (from beginner through dan level). Each has teaching, rules to learn, quizzes to test your understanding of the rules in board situations, and whole games at a variety of levels wherein you get tested continually on the application of a range of rules and see commentary of play and misplay involving those rules. Contact Fights is 1400 pages.

Each level covers how to see the board and what rules to follow. There are interactive tests to confirm you understand the rules and a printable crib sheet to glance at as you take live action testing of your understanding in whole board games. You play along with the original players - guessing the correct move for your level of understanding and seeing where the original players got it right or so very wrong. Should you get it wrong, Dojo reminds you which rule you're breaking and lets you try again until you get it right. At the adept level, deep game commentary about contact fighting illuminates the sophisticated rules governing play. At last you can grasp why stronger players make those enigmatic moves and why some people stay weak for so long.

  • Squirm with the Abysmals (to 20 kyu) as you realize fundamentals you've never grasped
  • Commit with the Acolytes (to 10 kyu) to acquire the rules of good play
  • Study with the Ascendents (to 1 dan) to hone the skills you need to progress
  • Marvel with the Adepts (to professional) at the advanced thinking of master strategists
  • Also included is Kogo's Joseki Dictionary for studying joseki

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