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Vital Points and Skillful Finesse for Sabaki


Brand: Hinoki Press

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Sabaki is one of the most intriguing techniques of go in the hands of accomplished players it can seem like pure sorcery. At times the stones can appear to dance with life. While playing lightly hither and yon, the opponent's forces can end up ineffective, over-concentrated and misdirected.

Yoda Norimoto has been one of the leading players on the go scene for more than ten years. In this landmark volume he uses a question and answer format to explore a variety of the aspects of go regarding sabaki from each player's point of view.

78 Model Problems, each with limited responses are posed for the reader to solve. Despite this narrow focus, finding the correct solution can be surprisingly difficult. But Yoda clearly explains all of the possibilities, so the reader can cultivate the judgment to find the key line of play in such positions. This is a book that all go players will treasure.

  • Author: Yoda Norimoto
  • 233 pages
  • Published by Hinoki Press

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