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The Heart of Go Discovery 6: Zone Press Park


Brand: Hinoki Press

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And now for something completely different! How about a go book without diagrams?! At least for the first twenty odd pages O Meien, a former Honinbo titleholder, dispenses with go diagrams while expressing his thoughts about food! It is an unusual way to write a go book, to say the least.

However, O Meien is crafty like a fox. No player reaches the heights that he has without amassing a treasure trove of knowledge about go and he is generous about sharing it. But the reader must be patient! Perhaps that is part of the lesson.

But what on earth is a ''zone press''?! O Meien tantalizes and teases the writer assigned to work on the book with him, then explains in detail his theory. In many ways it is similar to orthodox teaching, but he gives everything a new slant. And in the final chapter he presents a unique game in which his opponent played elsewhere five times while he was attacking! It all makes for a lively account.

  • Author: O Meien, 9 dan
  • 254 Pages
  • Published by Hinoki Press

Item HP-GB008-A