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The Best of Kido: The Art of Positional Analysis


Brand: Hinoki Press

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Is this the time to be aggressive, or should I consolidate the lead? By estimating territorial prospects as well as influence, positional analysis allows you to make informed decisions at key stages throughout the game. Being able to sit back and analyze the overall situation is a key part of the strategy in go. This book is a collection of high level analysis, first published as a series of articles in Kido Magazine. Positional judgment requires more than intuition; it requires a reasonable amount of analysis and the discipline to alter course accordingly. Counting territory is only a beginning. Practice is necessary until positional judgment becomes second nature.

It comes down to reading power, according to Otake Hdeo, in his predictions for the 11th Kisei Title. More and more, we are reminded that in go, that the whole board must be considered, every step of the way. That view separates the professionals form the amateurs, and it determines the differences among the ranks.

All skills regarding joseki, fighting tactics, good shape, etc. will have no value if you, the player, fail to evaluate the overall flow of the game and use your own positional judgment to plan your next few moves. You need to know where you are to determine where you want to go and what to do next. And, once on the way, you have to rememer what you are trying to accomplish (a win), and not allow yourself to get side-tracked bythe emotions of battle or the false satisfaction of a forcing move. Here are 12 games analyzed by Kobayashi Koichi, 12 more games with commentary by Takemiya Masaki, and the five games of the 11th Kisei Title match. You can see positional analysis in action.

  • Multiple authors, translated by Robert J. Terry
  • 323 Pages
  • Published by Hinoki Press

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