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Beginning Go - Make the Winning Move


Brand: Tuttle Publishing

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''Beginning Go'' provides a clear but thorough introduction that is perfect for first time players. Easy to follow instructions and detailed examples make it simple to understand how to play. You'll also be shown how to keep score, as well as simple but effective strategies and tactics that make the game more competitive and fun.

By the time you've finished the instructional sections, you'll have all the confidence, skill, and strategy you need to enjoy playing this fascinating game. What's more, Go's unique handicapping system, which the book explains allows even absolute beginners to play competitive games with more experienced players.

  • Author: Peter Shotwell
  • Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
  • 159 pages
  • Peter Shotwell is an internationally known GO expert and has been writing about Go for nearly twenty years. He has lived in China, Tibet, and Japan while researching the origins and background of the Game.
  • Peter Shotwell is also the author of ''Go! More Than A Game''.

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