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1.6" Shin-Kaya Go Game Floor Board w/ Yunzi and Bowls


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

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Playing Go on a quality wood floor board bring connects one with the hundreds of generations of Go players who have played this way since ancient times. This shin-kaya goban is 3.8" high, making it convenient for floor or table play. Either way you'll enjoy it's natural beauty and traditional elegance.

This board is made of quality shin-kaya wood. Most shin-kaya (Japanese for ''alternative kaya'') boards from Japan or Korea are made of spruce wood from Alaska or Siberia. Our shin-kaya Go boards are made of Tibet spruce wood from Yunnan Province in southern China. This type of wood is called ''picea asperata'' in Latin and is sometimes called ''dragon spruce'' or ''Tibet Spruce''. The lines are individually hand drawn.

This board is paired with a set of Yunzi professional Go stones, China's finest. If you haven't played with these stones before you'll find it to be a completely different experience than playing with glass or plastic stones. Yunzi stones are beautiful to look at, carry a nice heavy feel, and possess excellent 'snap' qualities. The stones will actually look nicer over time as they absorb moisture and natural oils from your fingertips. The Yunzi stones are matched with a pair of bowls jujube date wood bowls and a vinyl carrying case. Each bowl is hollowed out from a single piece of wood. In addition to their natural beauty, they are highly durable, keep their shape over time and are unaffected by moisture, making jujube one of the best woods for go bowls. The handy carrying case will keep your bowls scratch free and prevent those stones from falling out when moving about. Included is a booklet on how to play go, "The Way to Go", by Karl Baker.

  • Shin-kaya wood Go game floor board, Yunzi stones,bowls, bag and bowl straps.
  • This board is made of 2-4 solid pieces of wood joined together to prevent warping over time. Pieces are expertly selected and joined together to appear almost seamless
  • With legs the board measures 18.3"L x 16.9"W x 3.8"H (46.5cm x 43cm x 9.7cm). Board is 1.6" (4cm) thick
  • 180 white and 181 black genuine Yunzi Go stones. Stones are size 3 medium single convex: 5.7mm tall and 22mm wide (about 0.25" x 0.85").
  • Two Kitani style jujube wood stone bowls that measure 5.85" W x 4.1''H (14.8cm x 10.4cm) with travel vinyl carrying case and bowl straps for securing bowls.

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