Mexican Train & Chicken Foot Domino Scorepads - 60 Sheets


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

Keep track of your favorite Mexican Train or Chickenfoot dominoes games with this classic score pad with 60 sheets, simple text and illustrations, and clear sections for better scoring than ever. Take any guesswork out of the game's score with tile images displayed on the left and their correlating numbers clearly labeled. With ample spacing, including a subtotal section, keeping score has never been more straightforward!

At a convenient and it's a travel-friendly companion with any set you wish to pair it with, and may just become your new standby!

  • Keep Score Of Your Favorite Games: A versatile dominoes score pad, it's a combo serving perfectly as a Mexican train dominoes score pad or chicken foot score pad.
  • Plenty Of Space To Keep Track: With 60 sheets and ample space, keeping track of your Mexican Train dominoes or Chicken Foot game numbers just got easier.
  • Pack It In With Your Favorite Set: At 8.5 x 5.5 inches (21.6 x 14 centimeters), it can fit in perfectly with any set, no matter how precious the space when you're traveling.
  • Convenient Layout For Ease Of Play: With sharp tile images displayed on the left, clear correlating numbers, and a subtotal section, keeping track is made simpler!

Item YM-DM001-A