How to Play Liar's Dice


Liar's Dice

Liar’s Dice

Liar’s dice is a classic dice game played with two or more players involving luck, deception and the ability to read your opponents.


The Equipment

• 5 Dice per player

• 1 Dice cup per player



Each round begins with players shaking the dice around in their cups and bringing it down on the table with the dice underneath, keeping the dice concealed from everyone except themselves.

Going clockwise, each player in turn, calls out a quantity of a certain dice face value that they supposedly have. For example “four 3’s” means that you claim to have at least four dice with a face value of 3. Each player then subsequently calls out a higher hand than the previous. Either the number of identical dice must be higher or the face value must be larger or both.


• Two 3’s is greater than three 2’s

• Three 3’s is greater than two 3’s

• Four 2’s is greater than three 3’s

• Five 4’s is greater than four 2’s


1’s Are Wild

1’s are wild and can represent any face value in a call. The exception is if the first call in the round has a 1 in it. For example, if the first player of the round calls two 1’s, then for the rest of the round, a 1 can only represent the face value of 1 and no other number.


Calling Bluffs

Instead of calling out a higher hand on their turn, a player can call a bluff on the previous player by saying “open” or “liar”. When this is done all dice are revealed. If the challenged player does not have the hand he claimed to have had, then he loses that round. If the bluff is falsely called, then the challenger loses the round.

A bluff can also be called out of turn. However, when this is done, the loser stakes are doubled.

After the bluff is called, the loser starts off the next round!


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