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Bamboo 2" Go Table Board Goban


You'll appreciate the natural beauty and rich dark colors of this 2" (50mm) thick bamboo board. This board is made of solid strips of bamboo, pressed together one layer at a time. Not only is bamboo beautiful, but it is also durable, environmentally friendly and sustainable. One side is a Chinese standard 19 x 19 Goban, and on the opposite side is a 13 x 13 board.

Never leave home without the answers to any game questions with included instruction booklet, "The Way to Go", by Karl Baker.

  • Durable Bamboo Board: Weighing close to 15 pounds, this board is made of solid strips of bamboo, pressed together one layer at a time. Not only is bamboo beautiful, but it is also durable, environmentally friendly and sustainable; wood grain may vary slightly from photos.
  • Chinese Grid Size: You'll absolutely love the grid of this board, the grid size is 23 x 25 millimeters, and the board measures 18.5 x 17.3 x 2 inches (47 x 44 x 5 centimeters).
  • Reversible Go Board (Goban): The 13x13 playing field keeps your skills sharp by allowing you to play shorter games when you don't have time for a full length one. Use the 19x19 playing field when you have the time to fully immerse yourself into a standard game.
  • We've Got You Covered: "The Way to Go" by Karl Baker is included in this set to explain essential rules and strategies of the classic game of Go.

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Customer Reviews

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Samuel Blyveis
Wonderful, solid board.

Click clack thwack go the stones. Great board. Buy it.

Yohan Park
Amazing quality

I have both the 2" bamboo board and 1.6" shin kaya board, and the 2" bamboo board is miles better. This feels like a solid piece of wood and it's very heavy, while the shin kaya board is made out of a few pieces of wood and feels very light and hollow. I would recommend getting this over the shin kaya board, especially since this is cheaper.

Michael Robison
Perfect beginner board

This board is a conversation starter! I can leave this out on my coffee table and everyone who comes to my house is instantly intrigued. ÒIs this that game from Knives Out?Ó ÒIt sure is. Want to learn how to play?Ó Even if they don't want to learn, they'll admire this beautiful board. 19x19 for the full games and 13x13 on the inverse for those quicker matches. Came in a felt sleeve to prevent dings and scratches during transit. So happy with my purchase!

Thomas Poore
Beast of a board

The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because the board came with one of the corners dented in like it had been dropped during packaging. Otherwise the quality is great and seems like it will last a lifetime. I will definitely be a returning customer.

2" Bamboo Go Board

I have an 8 mm bamboo board that I have been very happy with. I liked the price of the 2 inch board and new the quality would be good. I received the board in less than a week from ordering. The board securely packed and was in perfect condition. It comes with a nice felt bag that seems like it might not wear well. But the felt bag on my 8 mm board has stood up well after 3 years so I am not worried about the 2 in board bag. I use the bag as padding to set the board on while playing

I have a set of 8 mm marble double-convex stones, Chinese size, that I used for first game. Very nice sound, lovely color and finish. I am very pleased with my board and have been very happy with the quality of the products I have purchased from Yellow Mountain Imports.