American Mahjong Set of 166 Tiles - "Koi"

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Set of 166 "Koi" American mahjong tiles. Use these tiles to replace ones in your existing set or mix and match with a case and accessories to create your own unique set.

These mahjong tiles are standard American size tiles, so they will fit in any mahjong case as long as they are made to hold tiles that measure 1-3/16" H x 7/8" W x 1/2" Thick (30mm x 23mm x 13mm)

This is a set of tiles by themselves without a case or any accessories. Tiles and dice are all you really need to play mahjong, but if you are new to the game we recommend you buy one of our complete sets.

  • 36 Circles, 36 Bamboos, 36 Characters, 12 Dragons, 16 Winds (N, E, S, W), 16 Flowers, 10 Jokers, and 4 Blank Spares
  • Tiles are engraved with Chinese characters along with numbers and Arabic numerals and are made out of heavy, scratch resistant acrylic. Tiles measure 1-3/16" H x 7/8" W x 1/2" Thick (30mm x 23mm x 13mm).
  • This is a set of tiles only. No racks, wind indicators, or any other accessories are included.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to pair these mahjong tiles with an existing case, set of tiles, or set of racks, please read the measurements carefully and feel free to email us to make sure that they will fit!

Item US-AT023-A
UPC 810126019028
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Richard J.
United States United States
Great looking tiles except for the scuff marks.

The Koi backed mahjong set I received came nicely packaged but when I checked the backs of the tiles nearly all the clear acrylic had scuff marks. I don't know if this is due to how they were shipped or a factory problem. I can live with it because it isn't noticeable unless you shift the piece in the light, but it is disappointing.

Lynda H.
United States United States
Beautiful Mahjongg Tiles

I have several sets of Mahjongg tiles, but this one is special. The price was very good and service excellent. Yellow Mountain Imports does a great job. Thank you.

United States United States
Mahjong Koi Fish Tiles

I was a little disappointed with the tiles. I expected the fish stencil to be a bit sharper. Also tile depth is not as thick as regular tiles. Other people that I played with using these tiles like the fish. Overall The tiles arrived in great shape.

Susan B.
United States United States
Beautiful set

It's a beautiful set. Friends agreed that the size and weight were good for play and the faces were bright and easy to read. We love this set.

Phyllis C.
United States
Koi Tiles

Exquisite tiles with the symbol for good luck - I am lucky indeed to have found such lovely tiles. I'm always happy with Yellow Mountain products!