How to Care for Your Yunzi Stones

Your Yunzi Stones

Yunzi is the national standard for go stones played in professional tournaments in China and has a long history dating back to the Tang Dynasty. The stone has a property which absorbs moisture from one’s fingertips without picking up dirt, and a resonant quality that gives it a pleasing sound as it lands on the board. Holding it between your fingers, you will feel a nice heft to the stones which are heavier than shell and slate stones of equal size. The white stones have an opaque milky eggshell luster. Black Yunzi has a similar luster, but when held up to the light it produces a bluish green halo along the rim. The actual composition of Yunzi has been a highly kept secret since the art of its manufacture has rediscovered in the 1960’s.


How to care for your Yunzi Stones 

A full set of stones is 181 black and 180 white. We have included a few extra in case any have been damaged in transport.

The black stones arrive with a little white powder on them. This is normal with new stones. Take the following steps to bring out the full luster:

1. Rinse the stones clean under water and lay them out on a towel to dry.

2. Place the stones in a plastic bag with a few drops of colorless oil and mix them around until the stones are all coated. Sewing machine oil is suitable, avoid cooking oils.

3. Wipe the stones clean of excessive oil. Remember, the stones absorb moisture and oil from your fingers so the more you play, the nicer they will look!


IMPORTANT! Stones are a choking hazard. Please keep your stones away from small children!


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