Vintage Style Wooden Abacus 13.75" - Professional 17 Column Soroban Calculator With Reset Button


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

Do the math and make it a job beautifully done with this classic abacus / soroban calculator set. Featuring 17 columns (17 digits) and a well crafted wooden frame, it's a calculator that has been used for centuries by professionals. A great modern educational tool, an abacus for kids math or even as a decorative item for the home are common uses!

Enjoy the quality design of this set, a beautiful piece that can serve as a decoration alone, or double as an educational set. A reset button makes it simple to reset, so you can focus on the lesson or calculation at hand, while rubber feet keep the base of the soroban abacus sturdy.

  • Professional Reliability Goes Back Centuries: This classic abacus/ soroban calculator is the abacus in classical form, featuring the system used before modern numerals that are still used in parts of the world by merchants, traders, and clerks.
  • A Great Educational Tool: When learning on the abacus, math practice can be more effective because you may remember more. This makes using an abacus for kids math a great way to teach them how to count and equate and is widely used this way.
  • Beautifully Crafted Wooden Fame: Quality design has been taken to the next level with this soroban abacus with a crafted wooden frame, making it a decorative piece that's home friendly, featuring non-marring, anti-skid rubber feet!
  • Features Modern Conveniences: This 17 digit professional soroban abacus comes with a handy reset button and is a sturdy wooden abacus set made to stay put, measuring in at 13.75 x 3.5 x 1 in (35 x 9 x 2.5 cm).

Item EDU-00001-A

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