Magnetic Go Board w/ Single Convex Magnetic Plastic Stones Set- 11.3" x 11.2"


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

A perfect travel set for the road or at a coffee shop. Very portable and very magnetic. You won't have to worry about an 'accidental' bump shifting all your pieces and messing up your game when you are clearly winning. This set folds up nicely with the magnetic stones safely sealed inside two bowls.

  • One 0.7" (17mm) thick magnetic table board (goban).
  • Board measures 11.3" x 11.2" x 0.7" (287mm x 285mm x 17mm). Playing field is 19x19.
  • 181 black and 180 white Magnetic Plastic stones.Single convex stones measure 5mm tall and 12mm wide (approximately 0.2" x 0.47").
  • Two plastic bowls (gosu) that measure 4.6" x 0.9" (116mm x 23mm).

Item XX-PM002-B