Medium Magnetic 19x19 Go Game Set Board (11") with Single Convex Stones


Master the ultimate game of strategy with this compact quality Go game set with single convex stones and bowls.

  • Handy Medium Go Set: Grab and go with this foldable and travel-friendly Go game set; Board measures 11 x 11 x 0.6 inch (28.5 x 28.5 x 1.6 centimeters) with a 19 x 19 standard playing field
  • Perfect Beginner Or Travel Set: High-quality plastic with durable hinges complete with two Go stone bowls
  • Magnetic Single Convex Stones: 181 black magnetic and 180 white magnetic stones for calculated moves that stay put until the very end; The plastic single convex stones measure 5 x 12.5 millimeters
  • Easy Does It: With everything you need (and nothing you don't!) you're ready to play, anytime, anywhere; This set comes with two plastic containers for the go stones; Conveniently store away the containers inside the case when not in use
  • The entire set weighs just 1.72lbs (0.78kg)

Item XX-PM002-B
UPC 810126019615

Customer Reviews

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Stan Isa

Nice & travel friendly

Many thanks for the instruction booklet

Theodore Terpstra
Medium Magnetic 19x19 Go Game Set Board

I once saw a group of Japanese Go players on the train on the way to the Williamsburg Go Congress. They all were playing on magnetic go sets. Having looked around for a while, I was happy to see the Yellow Mountain Medium Magnetic 19x19 Go Game Set Board. It has met all my needs for a travel go set.

Cole Jackowski
A Great Deal

I originally bought the larger (14 inch) version of this board and liked it so much that I got this smaller one as well. I use the bigger one at home and keep this one in my backpack. It's light, sturdy enough to bike around with, and the magnetic stones are strong enough to stay in place when the board is bumped into. Removing captured stones is a little tricky because they're small, but it's not a big deal. It's ideal for playing at a moment's notice, and my friends appreciate that I've always got it with me.

Happy with the size, fairly pet-proof

I use this board at home when I want to practice tsumego or review a game on the couch or in bed, and I've found to be the perfect size for that. I also like that the magnetized stones can't be knocked off the board by my cats. Even if they walk across the board, only the stones they step directly on top of will be shifted to the side a little bit.

I was hesitating about whether to go with the large board over this one, but I've found it comfortable to use on my lap so I'm glad I went with the convenient smaller size (I have small hands so YMMV). The board is about the size of a personal pizza box, and the go stones are about the size of a polo shirt button.

The quality is about as good as you can expect for a plastic board. A few of the stones have extra plastic bits on the edges, but it hasn't bothered me.

As others have mentioned, I wish the cases for the stones would snap shut, because I (and my cats) have knocked them over a few times.

I also wish the board itself snapped into the flat position. It's on a pretty loose hinge, so it will partially fold if it's on an uneven surface like my lap. This isn't a problem most of the time because the magnets stick very well without sliding, but since the crease of the board is on the center line of the grid, you have to be a little careful not to let it fold too much if you have stones on that line.

All things considered, I'm very happy with this board and I use it almost every day.

Lee Kolb
Travel Go Set

Good quality, basic Go Game set for travel. It is magnetic - stones stick to board even when board is moved or turned upside down. Stones are stored in plastic containers which stow inside of the board when it folds closed.