Bamboo 0.8-Inch Reversible 19x19 / 13x13 Go Game Set Board with Double Convex Korean Hardened Glass Paduk Go Stones and Jujube Bowls


Build and conquer territories in a game of Go with this reversible bamboo Go board set, double convex size 33 korean go stones, and wooden bowls.

  • REVERSIBLE GO BOARD (GOBAN): This board comes with 19x19 and 13x13 playing fields; The 19x19 side is for standard gameplay, while the 13x13 is great for learning rules and fundamentals and for quick games
  • BAMBOO BOARD: Made of solid strips of durable bamboo, pressed together one layer at a time; Wood grain may vary slightly from photos; A protective felt sleeve is included with the board; The board measures 18.6 x 17.4 x 0.8 inch (47.3 x 44.2 x 2 centimeters) with Chinese standard size grids of 22 x 23.5 millimeters
  • SOLID DOUBLE CONVEX SIZE 33 KOREAN HARDENED GLASS "JANGSTONE": These glass stones create a nice knocking sound when played on the board; This set comes with 181 black stones (9.5 x 22 millimeters) and 180 white stones (9.3 x 22 millimeters)
  • SET OF 2 WILD JUJUBE BOWLS: Jujube or Chinese date wood is a hard and sturdy species; Each deep, natural grained bowl measures 5.9 x 4.3 inches (15 x 10.8 centimeters); The set comes with securing bowl straps and a vinyl carrying go bowl case
  • THE WAY TO GO: Included is Karl Baker's beginner classic booklet explaining the essential rules and strategies of Go

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful pieces and quality bamboo board. Will definitely order more pieces in the future!

Franck Yin
Wish the product description was more specific but happy with the product.

Due to how the product is described, I was expecting the "Double Convex Korean Hardened Glass Paduk Go Stones" to be matte for both white and black. It turns out only the black stones are matte. I wish this was made clear in the product description. Other than that I'm very satisfied, thank you Yellow Mountain import for providing a very viable alternative to Amazon and beating their price too.

Tristan Felix Kadish
My first full set. Excellent quality.

I have been playing Go for 2 years and I feel great about finally purchasing a full set. I am already playing more in-person games than ever before. I found YMI shipping to be timely, even during a global pandemic. I am very pleased with the board and stones that I bought. These have served my needs for 13x13 and 19x19 games. The one addition to the set that I've created for myself has been a matboard rubric to isolate a 9x9 area. Perhaps you could include something similar with each larger game board? I find this helpful, essential really, when teaching others how to play. It is truly important to learn on a smaller board first.

John Anderson
Bamboo 0.8" Thick Go Table Board w/ Double Convex Korean Hardened Glass Stones/Bowl Set

These products are beautiful! Nothing more needs to be said.