Mahjong Bracelet Small 3/4"


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

The tradition of making mahjong bracelets out of old mahjong tiles probably started with the first set that had lost too many tiles to be useful for play, but who could stand to throw away such pretty tiles? In any case, mahjong bracelets have never gone out of style, and Julia Roberts wore one in "Americas Sweethearts."

This mahjong bracelet is made out of new acrylic mahjong tiles.

  • Bracelet measures 3/4" tall and 7.5" circumference (1.8cm x 18cm)
  • Individual tiles are 3/4" x 1/2" x 3/16" (1.8cm x 1.2cm x .5cm)

Item US-BB003-A
UPC 810989023002