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American Mahjong / Mah Jongg Bone & Bamboo Tiles - Vintage "Qilin"


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

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A fine mahjong set brings elegance and color to a room even when it's not being played, and this set is one of the most elegant we've seen. With five sliding drawers in a richly colored rosewood block with the mythical Qilin creature carved into it, this set will add a touch of beauty into your home. The Qilin (Kirin in Japanese) is a peaceful gentle creature that is said to appear only in areas ruled by a wise and benevolent leader (even if only in a household!). It is a good omen that brings s

This set is a reproduction of the classic sets from Shanghai that first sparked mahjong's popularity in the West in the 1920's. The tiles are made from crisp new bamboo and cattle bone, inscribed with fabulously colored designs.

Please note that this is a hand made mahjong set made with natural materials using traditional methods. Each tile is cut and carved one piece a time, and the characters are inked by hand. Hand cut bone and bamboo tiles are slightly smaller than fibergla

  • 166 Tiles Include: 36 Dots, 36 Bams, 36 Craks, 12 Dragons, 16 Winds, 16 Flowers, 10 Jokers, and 4 Blank Spares
  • Includes a pair of dice, a set of betting sticks, and four wind tiles for determining seating placement.
  • The case measures 9-1/4"L x 9"W x 6-5/8"H (23.5cm x 23cm x 17cm)
  • Tiles measure 1-3/16"L x 13/16"W x 1/2"H (3.2cm x 2.2cm x 1.2cm)
  • This is an American mahjong set. It includes all the pieces necessary for both the Chinese and American version of the game, including joker tiles. Does not include racks. An instruction manual in English is included.

Item HB-AB004-B

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