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Traditional American Mahjong Set, "The Water Margin" with Bone and Bamboo Tiles, a Rosewood Case, a Set of Betting Sticks, Dice, and Four Winds Tiles


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

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This premium mahjong set features hand-carved tiles based on characters from the Chinese historical classic, "Outlaws of the Marsh" or the "Water Margin".

  • American Mahjong Set, "Water Margin": Just as the mahjong sets imported from Shanghai in the 1920s, the tiles of this set are handcrafted from snow white cattle bone and delicate slabs of Chinese bamboo; This set is versatile (can also play Chinese Mahjong!)
  • Handcrafted Tiles, "Outlaws of the Marsh": Each tile measures 1.4 x 1 x 0.6 inch (3.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 centimeters); One of the greatest, classic novels of China, is the story of intrigue, deception, and bluff, the perfect subtext for a mahjong game; The markings for each tile depict one of the characters of this classic novel and are inked by hand
  • Mahjong Accessories: 166 tiles consist of 36 dots, 36 bams, 36 craks, 12 dragons, 16 winds, 16 flowers, 10 jokers, and 4 blank spares; a pair of dice, a set of betting sticks, and four wind tiles for determining seating placement are also included; Racks and pushers are not included
  • Beautiful Rosewood Box: Tiles and accessories fit perfectly into a rosewood box that measures 11 x 8.7 x 3.5 inches (28 x 22 x 9 centimeters); The case is made from Chinese rosewood and features a design of birds and flowers from inlaid mother of pearl; Complete set weighs 8.2 pounds (3.7 kilograms)

Item HB-AB005-C
UPC 810126017956