Solid Beechwood Playing Card Holders - Set of 2


Organize a winning game with less tired hands! Solid wooden card racks with 4 slots in ascending height so you can easily arrange and view your playing cards.

  • PUT YOUR GAME IN ORDER: Each rack holds up to 60 cards giving you lots of room to build your winning hand; Every row is in ascending height for easy viewing
  • NO PAINFUL GRIPPING: Prevent carpal tunnel soreness and free your hands to enjoy some drinks or snacks instead, for your best, most alert performance ever
  • GREAT FOR CHILDREN AND SENIORS: Ideal for small hands and those with arthritic conditions or hand injuries; Also, with these sturdy racks, you can better enjoy playing any card games such as Canasta, Crazy Eight, Go Fish, Poker, Rummy
  • SOLID WOOD DESIGN: Set of 2 hefty beechwood playing card holders measuring 9.8 x 2.3 x 2 inches (25 x 5.8 x 5 centimeters) each; Beechwood is often used in making sturdy, frequently utilized furniture
  • PROTECT YOUR TABLE: Felt-lined bottom keep your surfaces protected and ensures that your card racks don't easily slip

Item HZ-PK004-A
UPC 810989025648

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Henrietta Pfeifer

satisfactory, thanks

John Corso
Quality product

My parents love card games, and their hands are arthritic. These cards holders are very sturdy and help them keep playing!

Teresa France
Card holder is awesome!

My mom broke her shoulder and is out of commission for a while and can’t
Use her right arm. Perfect for holding cards so she can still play our favorite card game!

Alice McSorley
Very pleased

The card holders are perfect for my elderly father who has arthritic hands and has a difficult time holding his cards. The card holders are sturdy and even have felt bottoms so as not to scratch a table. Perfect!

Carmen Salamone
Excellent card holder

Great product. After one use you are hooked on not holding your cards. Easy on the hands and wrist.