Modern Mahjong Racks with Built-in Pushers - Clear - Set of 4


All-in-one acrylic pusher racks. The racks come with pushers already built into them. Convenient, fun and just what you need to upgrade your mahjong set.

  • Compact Racks with Pushers: 4 racks with pushers attached made from durable acrylic; Each rack measures 17.6 x 3.2 x 1.2 inches (44.8 x 8.1 x 3 centimeters)
  • Spacious Racks:: The space on the rack available for tiles is 15.7 inches (40 centimeters) long
  • Racks with Pushers Only: Mahjong tiles and vertical posts for scoring pieces are not included

Item NB-MP004-A
UPC 810126017666

Customer Reviews

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Hannah Smith
Finally! Neutral colored trays!

The multi colored trays that come with most sets have never been my favorite. The wood trays, although beautiful, are less easy to use. These clear acrylic trays are a perfect middle ground. Excellent function without the gaudy multi colors. They look great with my new Yellow Mountain tiles with the turquoise backing!

William Faust
The Best RAcks I Own

I have numerous Mah Jongg sets including many racks. Some are colored, some are for Siamese, some are wood etc. Personally since I Play American Mah Jongg, I like using a rack especially with a pusher. These are wonderful!! None of the metal 'coin' holders sticking up and getting in the pushers falling off of said posts...just one unified rack/pusher!
That's why I say they are the best I own.
I keep them in my tile bag in my car so I can't easily get a personal photo of them or I would

linda courts
Mah Jongg Racks

Were even delivered ahead of schedule. Perfectly boxed. Good quality. Very please with service and racks

Linda Strickland

The clear rack/pushers work great. I play American mahjong and needed them for my new set of tiles.

Pat Condon
Yellow Mountain mahjong racks

Good quality and arrived very quickly.