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Medium 3-in-1 Wooden Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon Board Game Set - 16"

Brand: Husaria

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This elegant 3 in 1 game set is made of high-quality wood with intricate detailing, ideal for game rooms or living spaces. It includes all the necessary pieces and accessories for chess, checkers, and backgammon, providing endless hours of classic entertainment for all skill levels.

  • 3-in-1 Game Set: This set offers a versatile and convenient way to play chess, checkers, and backgammon; The board is expertly crafted from Zelkova wood, known for its beautiful grain patterns and durability; It's an ideal material for decorative bowls and high-end furniture; The board measures 15.9 x 16.1 x 0.9 inches (40.5 x 41 x 2.4 centimeters); At 1.5lbs (3.2kg), it's perfect for any game night with family and friends; Includes playing instructions
  • Chess: Chessmen are crafted from durable grass tree and feature felt bottoms for smooth and easy movement on the board; King: 3" (7.6cm); Queen: 2.7" (6.9cm); Pawn: 1.4" (3.6cm); Set includes two extra queens for use as promoted pawns; Each square on the board measures 45 x 45mm; Borders are adorned with number and letter algebraic coordinates for describing and recording chess moves; The design of the set is both elegant and practical, making it perfect for chess players of all levels
  • Checkers and Backgammon: The set includes 30 pieces - 15 in a light color and 15 in a dark color - made from premium Zeldova wood; Each checker piece measures 1.2 inches in diameter and 0.3 inch in thickness (3 x 0.8cm); Additionally, the set comes with a pair of dice for added convenience
  • Storage Totes: Includes 2 drawstring pouches large enough to conveniently store your playing pieces inside the folded board
  • Fun and Educational: This set is perfect for players of all ages; Playing classic strategy games, like checkers and chess, is known to enhance memory recall, concentration, and problem-solving skills; It's a great way to improve cognitive abilities while having fun with family and friends

Item PL-MU001-A
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Drew Cooper
Just What I Wanted

Didn't I rate other games from Yellow Mountain?

I bought this because they also had Shogi and Xiangqui and Go sets and I thought it would be good to have chess around, too.

Love the store. More people should play these abstract strategy games from around the world!