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Set of 166 American Mahjong Tiles - "Solo Koi"


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

  • American mahjong tiles: 36 circles, 36 bamboos, 36 characters, 12 dragons, 16 winds, 16 flowers, 10 jokers, and 4 blank spares; the back of each tile features an engraved depiction of a gold koi fish motif, a symbol of good fortune.
  • Quality: tiles are engraved with traditional characters as well as with western numerals and letters; tiles are made from dense, scratch resistant acrylic giving them good weight and durability; each tile measures 1.2 x 0.9 x 0.5 inches (3 x 2.2 x 1.3 centimeters).
  • Tiles only: this is a set of tiles only; no racks, wind indicators, or any other accessories are included.
  • Important note: if you intend to pair these mahjong tiles with an existing case, set of tiles, or set of racks, please read the measurements carefully; please feel free to call or email us to make sure that they will fit.

Item TC-AT004-A
UPC 810989024092