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American Mahjong Set Red Wood Case "Classic Royale" with Pushers


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

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Now our most popular mahjong set "The Classic" includes pushers that store inside the box! It's the ultimate, all-in-one mahjong set.

This set has 166 tiles, including all the 144 tiles for classical Chinese play as well as an extra 22 tiles for the American version of the game. With this set you can comfortably play either version. To play the Chinese version simply use the red dragons as the 'hong zhong' and the green dragons as the 'fa' tiles.

  • 166 Tiles Include: 36 Dots, 36 Bams, 36 Craks, 12 Dragons, 16 Winds, 16 Flowers, 10 Jokers, and 4 Blank Spares
  • Tiles are engraved with Chinese characters along with numbers and Arabic numerals and are made out of heavy, scratch resistant melamine and measure 1.2'' H x 0.9'' W x 0.5'' Thick (30mm x 23mm x 13mm)
  • The case measures 20''L x 12-1/4''W x 3-3/8''H (51cm x 31cm x 8.5cm)
  • 4 wooden racks, 4 clear acrylic pushers, scoring coins, 3 dice and a wind indicator
  • Proper illustrated English instruction manual

Item US-AM005-A