Wooden Chinese Checkers Halma Board Game Set with Colorful Glass Marbles - 13.6"


Indulge in hours of fun with this beautifully crafted Chinese Checkers Halma set, featuring a wooden board with glass marbles. With its smooth and polished finish, this set will add an extra touch of sophistication to any game night. So gather your family and friends for a game of Chinese Checkers!

  • Wooden Game Board: The beautifully finished board measures 13.6 x 11.8 x 0.8 inches (34.5 x 30 x 2 centimeters)
  • Decorative Glass Marbles: The set includes 60 pieces of vibrant petal-style glass marbles in 6 different colors (10 marbles of each color); Each marble measures 16 millimeters in diameter
  • The Perfect Family Game: A multi-player fun and simple way to stimulate strategic minds of all ages
  • A Timeless Classic: Chinese checkers as we know it is actually a renaming of the German game Halma (ancient Greek for "jump"), which was inspired by the English game Hoppity, invented in 1883 by George Howard Monks, a US surgeon
  • Entire set weighs 2.45lbs (1.11kg); Includes illustrated English instructions

Item US-CX001-B
UPC 810126013675

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Jessica G
Excellent quality

This wooden board and glass marbles are such fantastic quality. I’ve never had one with the well to hold the extra marbles. Shipped quickly as well!

Tatyana Fadeeva
incomplete set!!!

I ordered 2 games on the website. The package arrived as expected. Game GO is great.
BUT!! Wooden Chinese Checkers Halma Board Game Set with Colorful Glass Marbles was not equipped as needed. Instead of 60 marbles in the set, I found only 58 (I have only 9 blue and 9 black marbles, not 10, how it should be).
This is a very unpleasant situation, because I will have to buy a whole set of balls for 15 USD and pay for shipping.

Hello there. We're really sorry to hear that the set arrived incomplete. We want to make things right for you! Could you please take a moment to check your email? We've sent you some instructions on how we can fix this issue together. We truly appreciate your understanding and patience. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help!

Patrice sikora
Chinese Checkers

Nice board. Wonderful marbles, just wish the colors were a bit more distinctive and vivid.

Nice Woodboard, tight spacing

The feel of the board is very nice being natural wood. It has groove around the edge of the board to store the marbles or you can put the in the separate pouch.
The issue is with the relation of the size of the marbles / spacing and depth of the holes. It is too easy to knock marbles out of their current position when grabbing one next to it. This can happen to anyone with bigger fingers or small children who haven't perfected their fine motor skills.
The easiest fix would probably be to use slightly smaller marbles.

Joan Conneally
A strategy game for all ages

Excellent product which has been used to form an activity group at a senior retirement center. It is fun and easy to learn and takes a comfortable amount of time to play and fit into a busy schedule.