18" Natural Pine Wooden Mahjong Racks with Pushers - Set of 4 (Racks with Pushers Only)


Natural finish solid wood racks with built-in pushers. Clean looks and functional convenience make these perfect for any Mahjong aficionado.

  • Natural Finish: Made from solid pine with smooth edges and modern features; A perfect upgrade to an existing set or a custom build
  • Built-In Pushers: This set includes detachable pushers; Pushers with hidden magnets attach to the top of the racks for storage, and to the back of the racks for building walls
  • Standard Size: Each rack-pusher combo measures 18.2 x 2.4 x 1" (46.2 x 6 x 2.5 cm) with a good amount of space for organizing hands
  • Mahjong Racks With Pushers Only: Tiles and other accessories are not included; The complete set weighs 2.2lbs (0.97kg)
  • Ideal Gift For Mahjong Lovers as an upgrade to their mahjong sets or as spare racks

Item US-RL028-A
UPC 810989024023

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jane Novotny
Sleek & stylish

Love these racks! They are simple and streamlined yet sturdy & efficient. My favorites.

Traci Gallivan
Mahjong Rack

I love the design and aesthetic of these beautiful racks!

Selma Monson
18" Natural Pine Wooden Mahjong Racks with Pushers -

Very nice and quality product. Loved it so much, I bought one for myself and later one for my friend who says she loves it!

valarie florack
Pine racks with pushers

Works great for economical rack

Phyllis Tisdell
Nice and Sturdy

I bought these to replace plastic racks that were dropped and broke. I like the pusher with the magnets - there's not a hinge where the pusher can come off and have to be put on all the time. I've use them several time since and everyone comments on how they like them and were did I get them.