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Melamine Double Convex Go Game Stones Set - 7.5-Millimeter (Size 28)


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Master your two-finger grasp technique on this set of double convex melamine go game stones. This set offers durability, heft and excellent value!

  • Complete Go Game Stones Set: 181 black and 180 white 21-millimeter (size 28) go game stones paired with 2 plastic bowls (gosu); Each stone measures 7.5 x 21 millimeters
  • Scratch-Resistant Melamine Stones: Melamine is an exceptionally durable compound; These are excellent stones to use in an environment where the stones will be put to constant, hard use; They also have a satisfying heft and snap to them
  • Double Convex Stones: These stones create deeper knocking sound compared to single convex stones
  • Versatile Stones: These size 28 stones will fit Japanese, Chinese, and Korean standard size Go game boards
  • Great For Go Clubs, starter sets, or as a substitute for when you do not want to use your expensive set of stones; Go board is not included

Item US-SF002-A
UPC 810126013996

Customer Reviews

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Brian Norris
No seams!

My first worry was that seams would be visible on the "stones", there weren't any unpleasant or sharp edges. The quality is amazingly good for the price especially considering how much more traditional materials cost.

Dallin Yost
Excellent purchase

We were able to get an excellent quality go board and stones for cheaper than I was expecting. I loooooove my board! Thankfully having a real life board has gotten my wife to play with me too. The board and stones shipped on time and made it earlier than expected in good shape. All in all, 10/10 would buy again!

Mason McNeely
1% with Defects

About 1% of the stones, at least 4 of the 361 that I purchased, had defects like a bump or ridge. Otherwise, I like the density and size of these stones.

Hello Mason,

We read your product review and we're sorry to hear that there was an issue with the order you received. If you could please kindly contact us and provide a picture of the problem, that will help us considerably in investigating and resolving your concern. We understand this inconvenience and want to make things right with you.

Not bad

I am happy to have something better than those flat "aquarium marbles" I have had for so many years. These melamine stones look really nice and there is no worry of damage (hard plastic). They feel right in my fingers. My only complaint is, contrary to other reviews I have seen, these stones have no heft whatsoever. I was really hoping for something weighted but these are actually lighter than the flat aquarium marbles.

Biruk G.
Awesome product!

Thank you we enjoyed it!