Marbles for Chinese Checkers, Set of 60, Translucent with 6 Petal Style Colors, 10 Marbles for Each


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

  • Set of 60 glass marbles; each marble in this set of 60 is made from quality, durable, vibrant glass material; each marble is 14 millimeters in diameter
  • 6 colors of petals that appear through the translucent layer of each marble; blue, yellow, red, green, white, and black; each color consists of 10 marbles
  • Perfect for Chinese checkers; 10 marbles in each set of 6 colors, this is the perfect compliment to your Chinese checkers board; use this set of marbles to add to or upgrade your Chinese checkers set; the board is not included
  • Velvet drawstring pouch; conveniently store the complete set of 60 marbles in this nifty velvet drawstring pouch; the pouch dimensions are approximately 5.5 x 3.9 inches (14 x 10 centimeters)

Item YM-CX002-A