Shin Kaya 0.8" Reversible 13x13 | 9x9 Go Board with Single Convex Stones


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

This Go board (goban), along with our melamine stones, is perfect for learning Go, introducing Go to a friend or family member, practicing Go problems, or for quick Go games.

On one side is a 13x13 board and on the other is a 9x9 board. Why play on a learning board? On a standard 19x19 board the possible combination of Go positions approaches infinity, and a game can last for hours - keep your skills sharp by playing on a smaller board when you don't have time for a full-length game. Even if you already have a standard 19x19 goban, you'll appreciate the informality and convenience of this small board.

This board is paired with a set of single convex melamine stones. Melamine is an exceptionally durable compound commonly used when strength is essential, such as kitchen counters and industrial applications. This material has also proven to be excellent for Go stones due to its durability and smooth surface.

  • This Go board (goban) features reversible playing fields, 13x13 and 9x9, for quick, frequent, stimulating games to help you consistently improve. The grid size is Japanese standard size (21.5mm x 23mm grids); the board measures 14" x 13" x 0.8" (35.5cm x 33cm x 2cm).

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