Shin Kaya Beginner's Reversible 13x13 / 9x9 Go Game Set Board (0.8-inch) with Double Convex Melamine Stones


Learn, teach or practice Go on a traditional Shin-Kaya veneer Go set. Full-sized double convex stones with reversible 13x13 and 9x9 grids.

  • Reversible Go Board (Goban): 13x13 playing field on one side and 9x9 on the other; The 9x9 is great for learning rules and fundamentals, while the 13x13 helps expand a player into joseki and whole board concepts
  • Japanese Standard Size: The board measures 13.8 x 13 x 0.8 inch (35 x 33 x 2 centimeters) and is made from Shin Kaya veneer with Japanese standard size grids of 22 x 23.5 millimeters
  • Double Convex Stones: 7.5 x 22mm (size 28) stones made from extremely durable melamine paired with 2 plastic bowls (gosu)
  • Portable Set: At 2kg (4.4lbs), this handy set can be played and enjoyed at home, school, work or outdoors by kids and adults alike
  • The Way To Go: Included is Karl Baker's beginner classic booklet explaining the essential rules and strategies of Go

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
A good set for beginner

I am a complete beginner to the game so I wanted a nice inexpensive set to learn. The set came nicely wrapped to prevent damage and the instruction book by Karl Baker was very informative. Board is nice. I hope to get many years from this set.

Christopher Cirillo
Excellent set

The board is thick, multi-sided and has nice integrity for the price. The stones are very nice but they are a little light and smooth, so you might have to adjust to them as they are prone to easily slipping, definitely something I got used to and no longer mind. It is a great set, I would recommend it, especially for those who like playing on the small boards(9x9/13x13)!

Great little set

Exactly what you need to get started. My original board came damaged but they replaced it very very quickly. Super happy with the purchase

Timo S
Nice Board

This is a very nice board, and nice stones. The bowls are a little cheap, but not unusable. I do wish this came with some kind of sleeve or case for the board for storage and portability; it doesn’t look like there’s even anything available for purchase separately. Overall this is a decent set with some room for improvement.

Jennifer Frost
different than i was used to but i love it

my only goban and stones i had access to before getting these were a hinged wooden board and glass stones bought in the 80s by my parents in japan. the new stones on my new board initially felt a lot more slippery but the problem seems to have mostly gone away over time.

i recommend. places where go sets at this price are sold for quality as decent as this are hard to find.