Yunzi Go Stones, Double Convex, 11.3mm (Size 40)


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

Yunzi stones have been made for almost a thousand years in the same area of Yunnan province in southern China. The secret recipe for making them is closely guarded, and nobody outside of Yunnan knows with complete certainty what they're made of. Although rumor has it that the ingredients include Yunnan mountain stone mixed with agate. To make sure that stones are genuine, hold them up to the light to see a greenish halo form around the edge. This is a unique characteristic of Yunzi stones.

  • This Go stone set includes 181 black and 180 white 11.3mm (size 40) double convex stones. Each stone measures 11.3mm in thickness (approximately 0.4"). Each stone is approximately 22.5mm (approximately 0.9") in diameter. These stones will fit Chinese and Japanese standard sized boards.
  • These stones have a balance and a deeply rich color that are instantly noticeable. The stones will actually look better over time as they absorb moisture and natural oils from the fingertips.
  • These stones are double convex meaning both sides are fully rounded. If you haven't played with Yunzi stones before, you'll discover that playing with them is a completely different experience than playing with glass or plastic stones. Playing with Yunzi stones clearly enhances the experience of playing Go.
  • The texture, symmetry, and precision of these stones are superior. They leave an audible ''snap'' as you place them on the board.

Item YN-SY021-A