Bamboo 0.8-Inch Reversible 19x19 / 13x13 Go Game Set Board with Double Convex Melamine Stones and Bamboo Bowls


Play, study or teach Go on a classic 0.8-Inch Bamboo Go set with reversible grids. Includes a set of durable melamine stones and bamboo bowls.

  • Reversible Go Board (Goban): 19x19 playing field on one side and 13x13 on the other; The 19x19 side is for standard gameplay, while the 13x13 is great for learning rules and fundamentals and for quick games; Board measures 18.6 x 17.4 x 0.8 inch (47.3 x 44.2 x 2 centimeters) with Chinese standard size grids of 22 x 23.5 millimeters
  • BAMBOO BOARD: This board is made of solid strips of bamboo, pressed together one layer at a time; Bamboo is known for its beauty and durability; It's also environment-friendly and sustainable; Wood grain may vary slightly from photos; A protective felt sleeve is included with the board
  • Double Convex Stones: Melamine is an exceptionally durable compound; These are excellent stones to use in an environment where the stones will be put to constant, hard use; The stones produce a satisfying heft and snap to them; Includes 181 black and 180 white size 33 stones each measuring 9 x 22-millimeter
  • SOLID BAMBOO GO BOWLS, "GOSU": The melamine Go stones are paired with natural bamboo wood bowls that measure 5.83 x 4.3 inches (14.8 x 10.9 centimeters); Bowls fit stones up to 9.2mm tall (Size 33); Securing straps and carrying bag are included so the bowls are easy to carry and store
  • The Way To Go: Included is Karl Baker's beginner classic booklet explaining the essential rules and strategies of Go

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

I have been into Go for a few months now, and finally decided to buy a legit set (instead of the cheap plastic stuff I’ve been using). THIS SET EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS. Beautiful, the board and stones are twice as big as I thought they’d be, and everything is very sturdy. I legit thought Sai was going to appear and play Go with me when I opened this. What a wonderful product. Over the moon with satisfaction!

Joshua LaBossiere
Absolutely beautiful

Excellent experience. Product is just as described. Great investment.

Amy Knepper
A Beautiful Game and great gift!

This set is beautiful. I purchased it for my son for a Christmas gift. It arrived just a day or two later (which meant hiding a HUGE box for a few weeks). I'm really pleased with the shipping and delivery of this and would definitely buy again.

Brian Hefter
Go game

Good quality for the money.

Charles Rothbacher
Gorgeous Set

The board, stones, and cups are all gorgeous and well crafted. It made a wonderful birthday gift.