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Yellow Mountain Imports Go Game Set with Bamboo Go Board - 0.8 Inch Bamboo Board - Sustainably Sourced - Single Convex Yunzi Stones - Reversible 19x19 and 13x13 Playing Grids


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

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This striking Go board is made out of solid bamboo. It's a very elegant way to play Go, combining the strength and beauty of bamboo - a grass species with the tensile strength of iron - with the timeless game of Go, a game so complicated that it's been calculated there are more possible Go games than there are protons in the universe. This board is made of solid strips of bamboo, pressed together one layer at a time. On the underside of this Chinese standard size 19x19 board is a 13x13 playing field for quicker games.

This board is paired with a set of Yunzi professional Go stones, China's finest. If you haven't played with these stones before you'll find it to be a completely different experience than playing with glass or plastic stones. Yunzi stones are beautiful to look at, carry a nice heavy feel, and possess excellent 'snap' qualities. The stones will actually look nicer over time as they absorb moisture and natural oils from your fingertips. The Yunzi stones are matched with a pair of sturdy and elegant bamboo bowls.

This set is made of sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is an excellent renewable resource for agro-forestry production that grows quickly, requires no pesticides, and stabilizes erosion-prone soil.

One 0.8" (20mm) thick bamboo solid wood table board (goban).

Board is Chinese standard size (23mm x 25mm grids) and measures 18.5" x 17.3" x 0.8" (470mm x 440mm x 20mm). Playing field is reversible 19x19 and 13x13.

181 black and 180 white genuine Yunzi stones. 21.5-22mm (Size 3) single convex stones measure 5.6mm tall and 22mm wide (approximately 0.22" x 0.87").

Two bamboo bowls (gosu) that measure 5.9" x 3.9" (150mm x 100mm). Includes vinyl stones and bowls carrier and securing bowl straps.

Booklet on how to play go, "The Way to Go", by Karl Baker.

  • A MUST-HAVE GO GAME SET (BAMBOO): This durable, sustainable set comes with a sturdy and beautiful board measuring 18.5 x 17.3 x 0.8 inches (47 x 44 x 2 centimeters).
  • PERFECT FOR LONG & SHORT GAMES: This reversible Go game set lets you play the standard longer-form game on the 19x19 side and a more informal game on the 13x13 side.
  • SLEEK SINGLE CONVEX SIZE 3 YUNZI STONES: Own your Bamboo Go game set with 181 black and 180 white single convex Yunzi Go stones! With texture and precision in mind, features include one flat and one slightly round size, measuring 5.6 x 22 mm (approx. 0.22 x 0.87 in). Useful for post-game analysis, retrace your moves by turning stones upside down.
  • WE‰۪VE GOT YOU COVERED: With everything ready, including bamboo bowls, bowl securing straps, bowl carrying case, felt board sleeve and the instruction booklet, "The Way to Go", by Karl Baker, you‰۪re ready to ‰ÛÏGo‰۝!

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