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Bamboo 2-Inch Reversible 19x19/13x13 Go Game Set Board with Double Convex Korean Hardened Glass Paduk Go Stones and Jujube Bowls


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Play, practice or teach Go on this traditional 2-inch bamboo go game board with double convex stones and wooden bowls.

  • REVERSIBLE GO BOARD (GOBAN): 19x19 playing field on one side and 13x13 on the other; The 19x19 side is for standard gameplay, while the 13x13 is great for learning the basics and for quick games; The board measures 18.5 x 17.4 x 2 inches (47 x 44.2 x 5 centimeters) with Chinese standard size grids of 22 x 23.5 millimeters
  • BAMBOO BOARD: This board is made of solid strips of durable bamboo, pressed together one layer at a time; Wood grain may vary slightly from photos; A protective felt sleeve is included with the board
  • SOLID DOUBLE CONVEX SIZE 33 KOREAN HARDENED GLASS "JANGSTONE": These glass stones create a nice knocking sound when played on the board; This set comes with 181 black stones (9.5 x 22 millimeters) and 180 white stones (9.3 x 22 millimeters)
  • SET OF 2 WILD JUJUBE BOWLS: Jujube or Chinese date wood is a hard and sturdy species; Each deep, natural grained bowl measures 5.9 x 4.3 inches (15 x 10.8 centimeters); The set comes with securing bowl straps and a vinyl carrying go bowl case
  • THE WAY TO GO: Included is Karl Baker's beginner classic booklet explaining the essential rules and strategies of Go

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Kondor
Christmas present

Son loved it. Plays All the time. Now has a board fitting of his skill level!!

Brad S
Very solid board well worth cost.

I had been looking for a board that would look as a great showpiece as well as good for playing, and this board does not disappoint. It is weighty and the bamboo streaking is gorgeous. It is a little on the heavier side, so a bit bulky for travel, but not impossible (I take it regularly to my shop to play, and the carrying bag helps keep it clean). Smooth finish that is just lovely.

The pressed glass stones are the perfect level of style to price. Not as strong of a clack as stone, but still lovely to look at and very good on placement. I noticed that a few of the stones do have some imperfections, like a little pit or dimple, but once you're in the game you won't notice.

The bowls have a lovely smell, and are just perfectly sized to hold every stone. If you ask me, the gentle grain of the Jujube wood is a nice contrast to the streaks of bamboo that I personally love. And the included bag is a godsend for transportation.

I HIGHLY recommend a board of this style. If you think you'll be regularly transporting it, maybe get the 0.8-inch thickness as it will be easier to pick up. But either way, a lovely board I'm glad to own.

Annette Tobias
Go Board and Stones

This set was so beautiful and high quality, I could not be happier. And it arrived so quickly! Made an awesome Christmas present. Love it

Mitchell Timin

The set is lovely; I am quite happy with it.

Russell Pace

I was excited for the Goban especially. I am really impressed with how heavy and sturdy it is. Feels really great.

The stones are beautiful and I particularly love how the black stones have a honed matte finish, contrasting the glossed pearly appearance of the white stones.