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Go Game Bowls and Stones Carrying Bag


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Protect your fine Go bowls and stones on the road. This vinyl carrying bag fits standard "Kitani" size Go bowls up to 6.7" wide and 5" high. A center divider that keeps Go bowls from scraping up against and scratching each other.

  • Fits standard Go bowls up to 6.7" wide and 5.1" high
  • 2 sets of bowl straps are included for securing Go bowls
  • NOTE: Go bowls are not included

Item YN-XP001-A
UPC 810126012326

Customer Reviews

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William Faust
Simple Elegant Works

Over the decades I've used many things to transport my go stones.
For the first time I have something that works well, is pleasant to look at and is easy to use.
The bag itself one can see. The working part is a simple cloth cross with Velcro on the ends.
It didn't work for the Tupperware containers I was using for safe transportation but as soon as I put the stones in wooden bowls the fit was perfect!
Previously I didn't believe I could afford a commercial bag. This one is affordable too.
Finally I have something new, nice and functional to carry my stones in. By the way, I bought two because I have many sets. It works fine just to keep the bowls from getting dusty.
I highly recommend this product.
I see that another reviewer mentioned the zippers. Yes, they seem to be good too.. only time will confirm their strength.

Donald Chu
Go Bag and Straps

The bag is well made and the zipper works smoothly. The straps and Velcro fasteners are simple but effective. Best of all, it lets me bring my Go pieces in their bowls without them falling and being damaged. It was well worth the cost.

Rodney Jones
Go Game Bowls and Stones carrying bag

Shipping was fast. The bag is well made and comes with velcro straps for the bowls. These straps are a bit wider than straps I received before and stay on the bowls better. I am very happy with my bag.

Eric Wainwright
I really dislike these bags!

They're way too big. Any decent size bowls just rattle around in them. I need to stuff a towel in the bag so the bowls don't knock each other and break. I don't know how the other customer finds that they hold the "bowls snug".

This is the only product from Yellow Mountain that I don't love.

Reggie W.
Yatzi stones and bag

I have enjoyed working with this company immensely. I already had a go table from Japan but I ordered the famous Yatzi stones and their beautiful luster did not disappoint. Had to reorder a bag because I wore the other out. This company is great.