Yunzi Double Convex Go Game Stones and Bamboo Bowls Set - 9.2mm (Size 33)

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This is a set of Yunzi professional Go stones, China's finest. Yunzi stones are beautiful to look at, carry a nice heavy feel, and possess excellent 'snap' qualities. The stones will actually look nicer over time as they absorb moisture and natural oils from your fingertips.

Yunzi stones have been made for almost a thousand years in the same area of Yunnan Province in southern China. The secret recipe for making them is closely guarded, and nobody outside of Yunnan knows for sure what they're made of - although rumor has it that the ingredients include agate and Yunnan mountain stone mixed with agate. To make sure that stones are genuine, hold them up to the light and you will see a greenish halo form around the edge. This is a unique characteristic of Yunzi. The texture, symmetry, and precision of these Go sets is captivating and sublimely captures the essence of the game. If you haven't played with these stones before you'll find it to be a completely different experience than playing with glass or plastic stones. The stones have a balance and deep coloring that is instantly noticeable and leave an audible "snap" as you place them on the board.

The Yunzi stones are matched with a pair of sturdy bamboo bowls.

  • 181 black and 180 white genuine Yunzi stones. 9.2mm (Size 33) double convex stones measure 9.2mm tall and 21.5mm wide (approximately 0.36" x 0.85").
  • Yunzi stones are the official stones of all professional Chinese Weiqi (Go) tournaments
  • Two bamboo bowls (gosu) that measure 6.3" x 4.3" (160mm x 110mm). Bowls fit stones up to 10.4mm (Size 37). Includes vinyl stones and bowls carrier and securing bowl straps.

Item YN-SB017-B
UPC 810126017963
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Ruben R.
United States United States

You wanted quality, YMI Delivers

A little background I’ve been playing Go/Weiqi/Baduk for about 7 years now My first set of stones were single convex Melamine on a reversible 13x13/19x19 Dark Cherrywood Board Just recently along with starting to teach Go locally in my town I bought my first set of Yunzi Stones along with my Shin Kaya board and immediately fell in love with the style and feel of the stones. These Yunzi Stones are a genuinely phenomenal addition to any set and can be appreciated at any rank from introduction to the game, reviewing and setting the board, even matches amongst the seasoned players. If YMI ever gets Clamshell and Slate Stones I will be picking up a couple of sets for my students (maybe one for me ) Thank you Yellow Mountain Imports from California, USA for your continued support and quality products

Yellow Mountain Imports Yunzi Double Convex Go Game Stones and Bamboo Bowls Set - 9.2mm (Size 33) ReviewYellow Mountain Imports Yunzi Double Convex Go Game Stones and Bamboo Bowls Set - 9.2mm (Size 33) Review
Yohan P.
United States United States

Best stones you could get for the price

The stones have a nice feel and weight to them. They feel good to play on the board. If you have glass stones or plastic stones, this is a very nice upgrade.

James W.
United States United States

Excellent quality

Very impressed with the quality of the yunzi stones. They need an initial oil coating, but afterwards they have a brilliant lustre and feel in hand, especially the black stones. The carrying bag and bowls are of a very nice quality. I'm especially impressed by the bowls as they feel very weighty in hand and look very handsome while in use.