Set of 166 American Mahjong Tiles - Chinoise

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Set of 166 American mahjong tiles with the back in blue and white floral motif reminiscent of porcelain design. The front of each tile has engraved markings in vivid colors.

  • ELEGANT DESIGN: White, easy to read tiles with the back of each tile depicting a blue and white floral motif made popular by the porcelain work of 14th century Jingdezhen; The front is beautifully engraved with Chinese characters, Roman (Western) letters, and Arabic (Western) numerals in vibrant hues
  • SCRATCH-RESISTANT ACRYLIC TILES: Each tile measures 1.18 x 0.91 x 0.51 inch (3 x 2.3 x 1.3 centimeters)
  • COMPLETE SET OF 166 TILES: Includes 36 dots, 36 bams, 36 craks, 12 dragons, 16 winds, 16 flowers, 10 jokers, and 4 blank spares; This set is playable with both American and Chinese Mahjong rules
  • TILES ONLY: This is a set of tiles only; No racks, wind indicators, nor any other accessories are included
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to pair these mahjong tiles with an existing case, set of tiles, or set of racks, please read the measurements carefully and feel free to contact us to make sure that they will fit

Item US-AT031-A
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Customer Reviews

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Shanna Nyberg
Mah Jongg tiles- Chinoise

Love these tiles! They are soo pretty. I’ve wanted a pattern on my tiles and this one is perfect! YMI is a great company to purchase with- they have great customer service! This is my second set from them :)

Judith Starling
Beautiful Tiles

Purchased these tiles as a birthday present for a friend. They're perfect!

Kathy Allison
Chinoise Tiles for MahJong - Beautiful

The Chinoise tiles were ever prettier than I expected. Would purchase again.

Janelyn Dudley
Chinoise tiles

Beautiful tiles, bright coloring. Bought them during Labor Day sale, awesome price. Thanks!

maxine r.
A successful gift

My friend wanted a mahjong set for her 70th birthday. She is totally pleased with the set. Thank you.