American Mahjong Set, "Huntington" with Mineral Green Soft Case - Racks with Pushers, Scoring Coins, Dice, & Wind Indicator


Natural and inviting. Mahjong tiles with green striped backing reminiscent of bamboo, paired with a polyester canvas storage tote styled in matching fashion, and a full complement of accessories.

  • American Mahjong Set, "Huntington": Poised with natural colors. This distinguished set is comfortable in any setting and is playable with both American and Chinese Mahjong rules.
  • 166 Hefty Melamine Tiles: White with green striped backing reminiscent of bamboo, each tile measures 1.2 x 0.9 x 0.5 inches (3 x 2.3 x 1.3 centimeters).
  • Complete Accessories: 4 All-in-One Wooden racks with pushers, wooden wind indicator, pastel Wright Patterson count scoring coins, 3 dice, and an illustrated instruction book. Mahjong scorecards are not included
  • Polyester Canvas Tote: Light, sturdy and elegant, the mineral green storage tote is compartmentalized to keep your game pieces well organized and measures 21.7 x 10.6 x 3 inches (55 x 27 x 7.5 centimeters).
  • Benefits of Playing Mahjong: Playing mahjong helps improve strategic thinking skills and social participation during the game also enhances overall mental health!

Item FX-AM002-A
UPC 810989025266

Customer Reviews

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Jyl C Benson

The friend who taught us how to play MJ had this set. Two of us loved it so much we it, too, after a few months and a workshop with the game. The tiles are slick and beautiful. They make a lovely sound when tossed and mixed. The wooden pushers are beautiful, too. The 4th MJ partner is going to go for
one soon. She is over her $80 set. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
Highly recommend.

Lydia Ronzitti
Call this set for Mahjong!

I first saw this set from a family member who received it as a gift. The feel, engraving symbols and sound of the tiles felt so good to play with. I love the size of the tiles and the racks. The set is a decent quality. I then bought a set of my own. I also purchased a table mat and tile shuffler. Quality is very good on both items. All was shipped in time as well as packed nicely. I have been recommending Yellow Mountain imports to my friends! Great set!

Jyl C Benson
I love this set and this pad!

I am very pleased with this set. My friend had this set, then another friend and now me. The tikes are beautiful, smooth and slick and make a pleasant clacking sound. I like the wooden pusher SOOOO Much more than plastic. The blue pad looks great with the green tiles.

Marcia Sentell


JoAnne Kerschner
Beautiful Set

I love this set! The green is just the right shade. The only thing I was disappointed with was one of the pushers is a bit warped. Otherwise, all is good.

Hello JoAnne. I apologize for the issue with the game set you received. We have sent you an email with instructions to resolve the concern. Please feel free to reply to the email or contact our customer support team.