Husaria 15.4-Inch International Checkers Folding Wooden Game Set - 10x10 Board


Brand: Husaria

Enjoy this 4,000-year-old game on a folding wooden board with 100 squares field. The set comes with 20 light and 20 dark color wooden Italian style stackable checkers.

  • Wooden Board: This 100 squares wooden board measures 15.4 x 15.4 x 0.8 inch (39 x 39 x 2cm) when open; It can easily be folded to save space when stored away; Each square measures 35 x 35 millimeters
  • 40-Piece Checkers Set: Full set of 20 light color and 20 dark color Italian style, wooden checkers; Each checker piece measures 25 x 9 millimeters
  • Stackable Ridge Feature: Easily king your checkers and enhance gameplay with the stackable ridges and grooves

Item PL-CK002-A
UPC 810989024184