Dark Cherry Veneer 0.6" Go Board w/ Single Convex Melamine Stones and Bowls Set


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

Looking for a great club board or intro set? With crisp gold lines on a dark cherry veneer surface, this board is durable, inexpensive, and versatile, making it perfect for a go club, coffee house, or as a gift to someone you want to introduce Go to. On one side is a full sized 19 x 19 Go board, and on the other a 13x13 quick game board.

Included in this set is a pair of stained wild jujube bowls with deep elegant grain and perfectly shaped single convex melamine stones.

  • One 0.6" (15mm) thick dark cherry veneer table board (goban).
  • Board is Japanese standard size (21.5mm x 23mm grids) and measures 18.9" x 17.7" x 0.6" (480mm x 450mm x 15mm). Playing field is reversible 19x19 and 13x13.
  • 181 black and 180 white Melamine stones. 21.5-22mm (Size 3) single convex stones measure 5.6mm tall and 22mm wide (approximately 0.22" x 0.87").
  • Two wild jujube bowls (gosu) that measure 5.9" x 3.9" (150mm x 100mm).
  • Booklet on how to play go, "The Way to Go", by Karl Baker.

Item US-TV001-B_US-SB001-D