Mahjong Tile Mixer (Shuffler) - Blue - Set of 2


Ready, set, shuffle! Simple and practical tile mixers so you won't have to use your scorecards or accidentally chip your nails when shuffling tiles.

  • Set Of 2: Sturdy and lightweight blue mahjong tile mixers to be used as a pair for mixing and shuffling tiles
  • Ideal Size: Each handy mixer measures 6.8 x 4.9 inches (17.3 x 12.4 centimeters); These tile mixers are flat and can be easily kept in your mahjong case so you can take them anywhere
  • Easy To Use: Simply hold a tile mixer on each hand, place them underneath the tiles, lift and mix; This set of tile mixers is a convenient way to shuffle tiles in between games
  • Preserve Your Mahjong Cards: Save your cards and let the tile mixers do your shuffling needs
  • Perfect Gift For Mahjong Enthusiasts: This is an ideal accessory for any mahjong set

Item YM-EP001-A
UPC 810989020032

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
David Johnson

Much better than just pushing the tiles around

William Faust
Do you want this?

Again, over the decades I saw mavens use things like this...and truthfully, thought it was silly.
On a whim I added some to an order of other Mah Jongg and game items... they don't cost much.
Well, I just got them and have used them twice now.
No, one does not have to have them, however, I'm glad I do.
Simple, very light, small enough to fit inside my bag filled with tiles, racks etc.
They are the ONLY way I know to quickly, easily and thoroughly distribute tiles.
Do you want this? I didn't know that I really did... very happy to have them.

Catherine C. Kleinschmidt

I carry these with me in my bag. Makes shuffling so easy.

Terry Peterson
Tile mixer (shuffler)


Easy purchase and quick delivery.

Lynne Whiting
Wished I'd found them sooner!

These will save the life of our MJ cards!

Washing the tiles is so much nicer with these. I have given them to both of my MJ hostesses & everyone

is happy to have them. They'd be even better if they were a little bit sturdier.

Hello Lynne,

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