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Yunzi Double Convex Stones - 11.6mm (Size 41)


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

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Our largest Go stones, this set of size 41 Yunzi stones are a whopping 11.6mm tall (approx. 7/16''), giving them an altogether significantly more solid heft than a standard 9.2mm Yunzi stone. The shape is noticeably different too, as the edges are rounder and fuller to balance the extra height. Note that the width is still a standard 21.5mm wide, so these stones will occupy essentially the same space on a Go board as their shorter cousins. Stones are coated with a gloss finish.

  • 181 black and 180 white genuine Yunzi stones. 11.6mm (Size 41) double convex stones measure 11.6mm tall and 21.5mm wide (approximately 0.46" x 0.85").

Item YN-SY010-A

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