Yunzi Single Convex Stones - 21.5mm (Size 3)


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

A beautiful classic. These size 3 single convex Yunzi Stones measure 6mm tall and 21.5-22mm wide. They fit Japanese, Korean and Chinese standard Go boards.

This is a set of Yunzi professional Go stones, China's finest. If you haven't played with these stones before you'll find it to be a completely different experience than playing with glass or plastic stones. The stones have a balance and deep coloring that is instantly noticeable, and leave an audible "snap" as you place them on the board. The texture, symmetry, and precision of these Go sets is captivating and sublimely captures the essence of the game.

  • 181 black and 180 white genuine Yunzi stones. 21.5-22mm (Size 3) single convex stones measure 5.6mm tall and 21.5mm wide (approximately 0.22" x 0.87").

Item YN-SY012-A

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