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Yunzi Single Convex Go Game Stones Set - 21.5-Millimeter (Size 3)


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This set of professional Yunzi go stones is China's finest. They're beautiful to look at, carry a nice heavy feel, and possess excellent 'snap' qualities.

  • Single Convex Stones: These stones are flat on the bottom side; thus, they produce a louder slapping sound while double convex stones create deeper knocking sound; Set comes with 180 white and 181 black genuine Yunzi stones that measure 5.7 x 22 millimeters (0.22 x 0.86 inch) each
  • Versatile Stones: These size 3 stones will fit Japanese, Chinese, and Korean standard size Go game boards
  • Professional Grade: Yunzi stones are the official stones of all professional Chinese Weiqi (Go) tournaments
  • Gets Better with Time: As the stones absorb moisture and natural oils from your fingertips, they will actually look nicer as they age

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Customer Reviews

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Yohan Park
Very nice stones

Single convex stones are hard to come by in the US, which makes this one of the best options if you want single convex stones. They have that amazing snap feel when you play them and they are not too thin.

Thomas Kirven
Great stones

These stones are excellent. Being single convex and thinner than the double convex stones, the green hue (in the back stones) shows up nicely during play in well lighted area. Also Very smooth and uniform in shape. If you prefer single convex stones these are the best out there for the price.

Johan Hoff
Great Yunzi Stones

Excellent! Outstanding product; perfectly weighted, textured, and a pleasure to use.

Great Stones

These stones look and feel amazing. One white stone arrived chipped but I was able to super glue it back together. Otherwise these stones are fantastic just like everything else from here!

Dean D Hickman II
Best single convex stones available in the states

I like playing with single convex stones as I do a lot of Go problems at home. I have used the single convex Melamine stones for years that I bought from Yellow Mountain imports. I wanted a heavier stone then the plastic Melamine and decided on getting the Yunzi as it is easily available on the Internet as opposed to Clay, Marble, or glass single convex stones. I have only seen one instance of glass single convex stones in my life.
The photos on the YMI/Amazon/Ebay sites really do not do justice to how nice the stones are. YMI ships the stones with extras in case any stones end up broken via shipping thru the mail. I had six white stones that broke or chipped, and zero damaged black stones. I still have more black and white stones then I need ( 180 white/ 181 black ). After washing off the stones and drying them the stones feel nice to the touch not as scratchy as I have heard some people say. I am not going to oil the stones as I thought my natural hand oils will make them shiny enough after use. I kind of like the matte flat look anyways.
The stones are very uniform, and have a good heft in them like glass stones.
In conclusion I am more then happy with the purchase of the single convex Yunzi stones and would recommend the stones to anyone who wants a good set of single convex stones.