Bamboo 0.8" Go Table Board Goban

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Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

This striking Go board is made out of solid bamboo. It's a very elegant way to play Go, combining the strength and beauty of bamboo - a grass species with the tensile strength of iron - with the timeless game of Go, a game so complicated that it's been calculated there are more possible Go games than there are protons in the universe. This board is made of solid strips of bamboo, pressed together one layer at a time. On the underside of this Chinese standard size 19x19 board is a 13x13 quick game board.

  • One 0.8" (20mm) thick table board (goban) made of solid strips of bamboo.
  • Board is Chinese standard size (23mm x 25mm grids) and measures 18.5" x 17.3" x 0.8" (470mm x 440mm x 20mm). Playing field is reversible 19x19 and 13x13.
  • Booklet on how to play go, "The Way to Go", by Karl Baker.
  • Wood grain may vary slightly from photos.

Item YN-TB001-A
UPC 894887001256
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Oscar S.
United States
Excellent Product

Purchased 15 of this board for my students. Excellent product, Excellent Finish, and SUPERB price.

Ozdal B.
United States
Unpleasent sound

The board looked nice but when you place stones on the board they make a very unpleasant sound. The wood seems to be very hard. A friend of mine told me he had the same experience and had to give his board away. Which is also what I did. Although priced low it is not worth it.

Christopher W.
United States
Yeah uhhh.

I give this go bored 5 bags of popcorn. You can play go on this.

Brian A.
United States
Good Value

This is the best full sized Go board in this price range. The board is strong and hard, not easily damaged, and good for club use. However, some players prefer a board with a softer, less bright sound, such as the 3 cm Shin Kaya board.

Jayson D.
United States

This board is beautiful and suits my tabletop needs perfectly. I don't really know what else to say, i've played many games on it daily since i bought it and i love it. Much better than the cloth board i had before. It's pretty and fit my budget. I also wrote a review on the Yunzi Double Convex Stones - 9.2mm (Size 33) sold on this site, which i bought as well and which fit this board perfectly. I recommend them together, possibly also with a pair of go bowls to hold the stones.